Unicorn Dabbing LGBT Pride shirt

No absolutely not so leave Matt alone.
I read it the same way, thought someone needed to bark and howl at that dog!
We are always barking in this house lol…when a new litter of Rott puppies are born there is always that uncontrollable urge to bark back at them when they first find their voice

She got Unicorn Dabbing LGBT Pride shirt, to meet a letter on an injured table, No food, no peace, from her harsh husband who left without dropping a dime, only shirt.  Behind her strength is a pant of pain, Behind her smile is a rag of domestic violence Behind her tears is a love for her children, Behind her shirt is a truth, that, she doesn’t want a divorce, in order to secure a better future for her children.
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The Unicorn Dabbing LGBT Pride shirt morning Calling out her sleeping children, by names, What on earth shall hold them late to school?From the soundness of her vibrant voice Not Omówùnmí, her first daughter could detect weakness, Till she stopped to wave bye, at the school gate And the poor girl began to stare at her scarred but smiling face, Unknowing, behind her smile, there’s a shirt.

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