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Catholics let’s use the opportunity to teach others our faith instead of the insults. Lack Unicorn Dabbing Other Doctors Me Sweater of knowledge my people perish. Proud to be a Catholic. I think you’re trying to rewrite your own bible and what is it you want to really teach others? is it the Idol worship? I doubt the type of bible some of you he UN won’t push against the US to hard because they know the US isn’t afraid to stop bankrolling the UN anymore. Without the US, the UN would collapse due to lack of funding and the UN knows it. It seems very few of you actually took the time to read the article. You could have saved yourself a lot of aggravation and stomach acid production.

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On both sides. It’s sad to see it so frequently now. Can’t we as Christians reason together and find a common solution to these differences?.Instead of judging, condemning, arguing, and saying am o proud Catholic? “I belong to Paul, others belong to Peter,”. Is the body of Christ divided? Been proud to a particular church, will that take u heaven?. Somewhere in the Bible, some group of people were zealous to God but not according to the knowledge of God. If u are in the wrong track, and thinking that is the right way, another who knows the way might bring to the right track. Seek God’s face. Thank u. Wrong path u said dus y Catholics dnt criticize but rather say’s dey aa proud of what dey ve wat is de right paths n Unicorn Dabbing Other Doctors Me Sweater wats de wrong path. Which people are really on the right track. Catholics need people, especially in Ghana to the criticism and judgement been.

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