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Haha I didn’t know me being from PA and visiting the jersey beaches causes beach erosion. I mean US Adelaide Michael Jackson’s Thriller Hoodie  don’t tell anyone but whenever I visit I take a truck load of sand with me back to PA just to spite the state. Fortunately my dad came with us on vacation and brought his huge truck. We always like to take a huge load of sand back with us to Philly but never have a big enough vehicle. Anyone know where I can rent the backhoe that all the PA people get such a good deal on. Wow I love how you stupid people are arguing over a beach..henchmen why this country going to shit. Shut the hell up and enjoy life and stop worrying about every little god damn thing. There are things jersey people do and tgere are things the PA people do that either don’t like. GET OVER IT WHO CARES.

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The ultimate sacrifice is death but I agree he definitely makes sacrifices for the WWE Universe, just to get booed from a bunch of grown men who hate him because they ain’t him. Thank you for selflessly making the ultimate sacrifice to keep us entertained every week, Roman. You really are one of a kind and legendary. I’m sure your family is so proud of you!. Such a great dad. It doesn’t seem right that the WWE gives so little time for you to be with family. Ik my kids are my world. Ty for being a great Dad husband and wrestler. You rock. Much love to you and your family. I am sorry to hear about your illness .. I will be praying for you. I will petition the throne of US Adelaide Michael Jackson’s Thriller Hoodie  grace on your behalf. Jesus is still in the healing business. He is the great physician. You will be back in ring in a little while.

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