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Washington Rednecks Change T-Shirt


Nobody should have the threat of been targeted for something they have no choice over and any idiot willing to make excuses for hate crime is disgusting. More needs doing to protect the welfare of these, and indeed all animals. People who exploit these beautiful animals should be punished and shown that more care should be taken to protect them. Japan have their car industry as we allowed them to break ours by allowing them to copy our cars and sell them back to us cheaper I know this because when I was very young I bought a small Honda, copy of the mini and they said it was cheap as the import on spare parts had been blocked!!! They reacted at first and then changed their minds and eventually, our country allowed the parts in and also allowed them to outprice ours when our Wash ington Rednecks Change T-Shirtshould have wolloped them with massive tariffs to even up but they didn’t and what happened they walked away with the car industry

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