Having A Weird Mom Builds Character Shirt

 Having A Weird Mom Builds Character Shirt, Hoodie And Sweater

The having a weird mom builds character shirt! I once attempted to report a scam I nearly fell for to the Police only to have them take the cash the scammers were after as ‘potential evidence’. About 6 months go by and I never heard shit about the investigation so I went to get it back with all my paperwork and the cop refused to release it ‘until it is clear whom the damaged party is’. That’s the last time I called the cops for anything. Made me wish I’d just given the cash to the scammers, at least they weren’t claiming to protect anyone while they rob people and  having a weird mom builds character shirt!

People are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and  having a weird mom builds character shirt! But a fucking stupid loophole allows cops and prosecutors to charge property with a crime, and property doesn’t have rights; so the property gets sized unless the owner can prove it wasn’t acquired or used in commission of a crime. And a large segment of the US population is totally OK with this because surely the cops wouldn’t arrest someone or seize property without good cause; i.e. the person is guilty, which fundamentally undermines the whole fucking reason for having the courts and the police be separate parts of the government.

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