Wendy Torrance and Jack Torrance The Shining shirt

I was at a family friends house and they had a pool so we were just having fun swimming around nothing unusual, everybody got out except for me and the family friends son. We never ever showed any inst rest in each other i thought of him as my brother, we started playing a game where we would hold out breath and i kept floating to the top and so i kept losing so he was like just grab my shoulder ( to keep from floating up) so i did but then we started doing things you could probably imagine, anyways i was young i didnt know what was going on obviously, anyways we left me confused my mom had a bad feeling but she didn’t say anything, fast forward, i wrote a note about it so i would never forget idk why. One day my mom saw that i had posted some things on my snap story so she was going through my room to see if i had my phone that was supposed to be taken, she found the note, and we ended up going to therapy because i was severely depressed and i was having bad suicidal thoughts and attempting it, my mom made me tell the therapist about the incident with him and they filed a cps for him and his family the police talked to him and idk what else they are gonna do about it but i never saw him again and im doing really good in therapy as of now:) sorry for spelling.

Wendy Torrance and Jack Torrance The Shining shirt

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A little background – a friend and I own a medium sized yard care business, were highschoolers, we need some income. We looooove power equipment, especially Stihls. We just got done with a yard and it was a slow day, our only yard. We were bored, but loving power equipment, we got down my prized possession, the most powerful weedeater/brushcutter that stihl makes. The FS 240. We had a job we put off for a little while, weed eating down an overgrown strip of land about 8 feet wide from the customers fence to the woods, keep in mind this is a neighborhood. The people we weed eat for are good family friends, but the neighbors to thier left, who havent even moved in yet, are complete assholes. If the arrangement is clear, heres a terrible picture.

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