Yes I am old but I saw The Three Stooges on stage signatures shirt

Although Vice President Mike Pence visited the Yes I am old but I saw The Three Stooges on stage signatures shirt state for a campaign rally with Perdue and Loeffler last month, Trump has stayed almost completely silent about the Georgia race so far, focusing instead on his increasingly unhinged efforts to try to overturn the results in the presidential race, which gave Joe Biden Georgia’s 16 Electoral College votes. And for good measure, he has begun attacking Governor Kemp (as Trumpian a candidate as you could have found two years ago) for not being supportive enough in his attempts to challenge the Georgia results. “He’s done absolutely nothing,” Trump said in a Fox News interview this past weekend. “I’m ashamed that I endorsed him.” But Trump has just announced plans to campaign in the state this week. Will it help? It’s hard to imagine someone screaming about “voter fraud” and a “fixed election” actually encouraging his followers to go to the polls.

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Yes I am old but I saw The Three Stooges on stage signatures shirt

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