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For those of us working from home, blue light glasses have never come in so handy—both for protecting the Official Greetings Dog 2020 Shirt Besides,I will do this eyes from all that screen time, as well as for ramping up our WFH lewks. For an extra cool companion to your favorite frames, Italian jeweler Carolina Bucci’s glasses chain kit is a must. Meant to be reconfigured daily to match your vibe, the adjustable rubber loops make Bucci’s iconic Forte Beads easy to rearrange and play around with so you’ll never get bored. Studies show that the repetitive nature of knitting can be extremely effective in combating anxiety and stress—and in this time of global crisis and uncertainty, we could all use a little meditation. Sh!t That I Knit’s “Quarantine Kit” follows a simple cowl pattern that is easy to navigate and is accompanied by a series of helpful online videos and live Q&A.

Official Greetings Dog 2020 Shirt

Fashion is always a microcosm of culture—economically, politically, and otherwise. At any moment in time, what’s in fashion speaks to overarching societal trends. The coronavirus outbreak, for example, has changed daily life in a multitude of ways, from self-isolation to social distancing to pledging to stay home, but this new way of life has transformed how we’re interacting with our closets too. With no social events to attend (aside from Zoom get-togethers), and most work taking place from home, the Official Greetings Dog 2020 Shirt Besides,I will do this days of reaching for a fashion-forward accessory or shopping the latest It bag have been largely replaced, to no surprise, with basic clothing and wardrobe essentials that put utility and comfort above all.

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