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Youngmerchstore-Disney Lilo Stitch Yoda Friends Star War Plus The Mandalorian Festive Force Shirt



The bit when Kuzco andDisney Lilo Stitch Yoda Friends Star War Plus The Mandalorian Festive Force Shirt fall and they have to help each other climb up to the rope/vine gets me every time. Particularly from the moment, Pacha grabs it and the scorpions fall onto Kuzco. The first time I saw it I about died . My stomach hurt, I had tears running down my face, and I couldn’t breathe properly. I think I actually had to pause it when the bats came flying out just so I could try to stop laughing. One day I was selling my wares, and I walked passed this old creepy castle. And I look at it and think, ‘very old and creepy’. And then this creature… flies at me! It dragged me back to this dark dungeon.

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Disney Lilo Stitch Yoda Friends Star War Plus The Mandalorian Festive Force Shirt

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