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Yes, and they do so all the time. In a study comparing the mass of the proton with the masses of the 3 quarks that comprise the proton, it was discovered that the mass of the quarks is only 1% of the mass of the proton. The rest? Virtual energy and virtual particles, oscillating back and forth with such persistence as to create the illusion of mass. It’s really virtual mass. So 99% of your mass, and the rest of the mass in the universe, is virtual. Each virtual particle exists for only 10^-21st of a second, but there are so many that, again, they create the illusion that they are there. Of course, particles aren’t really little billiard ball type things. They have been called “persistent ripples in an energy field”, so even regular old real particles aren’t really in the way that we think they are. As Neils Bohr said, “everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” Further, a study just came out that seems to indicate the quarks, one of the three fundamental particles that form matter (along with electrons and gluons), may not actually exist at all. We already know that electrons don’t exist as particles in orbits, but rather more like energy smears, probability waves inside of which electrons occupy many places all at the same time.

You’re all naughty Romans 3 10 12 Christmas shirt

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Richard Feynman had a theory he called the One-Electron Universe, where there is only one electron, and it’s everywhere all at the same time. In the early universe (and all around us right now), particles and anti-particles popped into being out of the virtual energy background, immediately annihilating each other. Because of the Higgs Boson orchestrating a 1 in 10 billion chance, every now and then a particle arrived without its anti-particle. That’s the source of all the matter in the universe. This equation allows for small, momentary deviations from perfect energy conservation. Heisenberg’s principle allows the spontaneous creation of particle and anti-particle pairs that can spontaneously pop into existence just about anywhere. Stephen Hawking theorized that if a pair of particles were to pop into existence just outside the event horizon of a black hole then, due to the massive gravity of the black-hole, then one of the photons can escape and the other is trapped inside the event horizon. The escaping photon’s energy must be positive in order to be a real particle and hence the energy of its partner photon which has been trapped inside the black hole must be negative.


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