Zero fucks given skull shirt

Yesterday and today I have been enduring an Zero fucks given skull shirt. Vertigo, body aches, shooting pains, base of skull headaches, debilitating anxiety the whole shebang. And yet it’s all part of this life I was given. Even in small ways I manage to continue. I may not be able to leave the house, and I may move a bit slower than usual and sometimes for no reason at all tears might start falling but I can still use my hands in the kitchen to create.

Zero fucks given skull shirt, youth tee and V-neck T-shirt

I can still write stories. I can still listen to glorious music. I can still lay on my loves chest and feel his heart beating. I can make my way into the Zero fucks given skull shirt and pick ingredients to use in creative endeavors. Today our lemon tree was bursting, begging to be harvested. Blood oranges were willing and ready, lavender blooming everywhere.

So two new cookies were born. Jaffa Cake chocolate chip and blood orange cookies, and Lemon Lavender Shortbread. The Zero fucks given skull shirt of the blood oranges never ceases to take my breath away. Such simple, magical beauty. And the lavender lemon shortbread fill the house with aromatic bliss. These two darlings turned out quite special.

Zero fucks given skull hoodie, sweater and long sleeve

Living with illness is a constant reminder to find gratitude in the small pleasures of the Zero fucks given skull shirt. Patience dear heart, this too shall pass.  Just imagine that you try to putter around the house to get some light housework done and you end up having what appears to be a heart attack but told here’s some nitro spray see if that helps.

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