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The example I think of with a supercharger on a diesel is the ZEvent 2019 Sweater  dreaded old Detroit 318. Millions made and millions of shitboxes. Yeah great, just what you need !! You are struggling to get it running on spark plugs & points let alone super-charged diesel. Mind you, I seem to be trying that with my Lark. Thursday half asleep I put £20.00 of diesel in it, then had to brim it with petrol, it is now smoking like a bastard and pinking its nuts off for some reason. What you guys need to know is there is no intercooling. The turbo chargers are not water cooled. You are basically compressing hot expanded air into the cylinders and gaining nothing. Instead of running a supercharger you would be better running a refrigeration compressor and evaporative heat exchanger to freeze the air so it contracts before it enters the cylinders. That way you will get more air into the cylinders.

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I might have to be such a lazy git and drain some down. I am going to have a go at trying to just run it through the system though and keep topping up. What a wanker. I hear that you now have a mostly new water pipe into the pad, don’t quite know why e didn’t go all the way even though Graham was trying to explain, no sure if it was because you weren’t there and they couldn’t get in the house. Never mind, I am sure we carry it on easily when I get over. IT’s Diesel so you want maximum air into the ylinders. I can tell you went to asshole university for your knowledge. You think turbo does nothing o. A truck because it’s not watercooled, try hooking up to a 30/ton trailer and drag it up a mountain without ZEvent 2019 Sweater that turbo. If you make it at all it will be in first gear! Or even a Cummins 90nothin, they aren’t turbo diesel have absolutely no power!

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