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It isn’t a job you can run for though; you have to be appointed by the Crazy Genius panic at the disco hoodie. In the same vein, I think Elizabeth Warren would be an outstanding Treasury Secretary a job for which she is massively qualified and passionate about. Of course, that is also a job that you can’t run for. Kamala Harris seems ideal for Attorney General and once again you can’t run for that. All of them have an interest in running for president a job for which none of them seem as perfectly suited but it is a job that covers those offices and which you can actually apply for by mounting a campaign. It really is hard in our system for voters to have as much influence as I would like to see.

Crazy Genius panic at the disco hoodie, tank top and sweater

Well, you don’t see Iran capturing our small boats and holding our sailors hostage on his watch. Iran knows he doesn’t mess around and doesn’t need to draw red lines and then do nothing. He has the Crazy Genius panic at the disco hoodie than ever he is making our military strong again, he is trying to secure our borders. He is trying to protect innocent Americans who are being murdered but illegal immigrants once again how is he dangerous?

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