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Disney Pineapple shirt

Disney Pineapple shirt
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There was a pizza planet at one of them…. Maybe in LA but it wasn’t the same…. Not even any arcade machines and the Disney Pineapple shirt don’t say “welcome to pizza planet” the pizza was nice tho.  Can Disney somehow get permission from SquareEnix and whoever else is behind Kingdom Hearts and implement those characters into the Magic Kingdom or Epcot My nine year old is a little “Jumbo Jr.” activist and is so excited! She’d like me to kindly remind everyone that this little elephant’s real name, given to him by his mother, was actually Jumbo Jr. The name “Dumbo” was given to him by the “mean” elephants while making fun of him! She has loved Jumbo Jr her whole life and is so excited to see him in live action. Just based off of the trailer I think that the remake is missing one of the key point of the original. Dumbo was meant to be critical on humans and their cruelty which is why the movie lacked any redeemable human character. I think putting focus on two cute kids takes away from that message. For a split second my stupid brain thought I saw Captain America’s shield in the thumbnail for the video and now no matter how good this trailer is, nothing will compare to the Dumbo/Captain America crossover I’ve got running through my head I’m so bummed out that Tim Burton is doing This movie, I usually like his stuff but Dumbo rings in my memory as a sweet, wholesome tone. He is going to make it eerie and strange. I’m just kind of bummed. I think this is a terrible trailer. Mostly, it’s so dark ~ literally, the picture is dark and hard to see ~ that it makes me not want to see a movie where I’ll be wondering what’s happening on the screen the whole time. Surely they could put together a trailer that makes me want to see the movie.

Disney Pineapple shirt


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