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Fear the beer brewers shirt

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I was with you Eugene up until you put Miller High Life in the Fear the beer brewers shirt spot, but after that many cheap beers everything taste good. Yingling Lager is the oldest brewery in America therefore making it America’s beer plus it’s not owned by another country lol love you guys. I always wonder what instant ramen brand is the best. You guys should go to an Asian market and pick up a bunch of different brands and rank them. My little brothers first name is Michael and he is 11. He had a stroke 6weeks ago in part of his brain stem. He couldn’t walk and doctors thought he’d be in a wheelchair for months if not more re learning how to walk. He starts school on Monday and will be walking into his first day and running on the playground at recesses because not only did his stroke magically shrink but he’s recovered 90-95%. Also my Grandfathers name is Michael and he had an aortic aneurysms that started to rupture, emergency surgery was like 12 or more hours and he was given a 0.001% chance of living, and that was 8 years ago and he’s still there. He’s died like 6 times but just always comes back. So I think they’re some pretty outstanding Michaels.

Fear the beer brewers shirt

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