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Where was his protest when Y’all Alabama Crimson Tee were being molested by men of faith? So Nike’s Human Rights violations in other countries were fine, but hiring a black guy who kneels when the Magic Song makes the Freedom Cloth waive, they draw the line. Yeah, okay . Football man bad!!! He won’t stand up for special song and he got sponsored by Nike!Now let’s buy one of their products and destroy it in front of many people. That’ll teach them for sponsoring Bad Football Man!  So which verse is it? You know, the one where if somebody needs clothing, you cut up and burn the clothes instead just to make a political statement. I know its in there… Umm, they bought the gear, which means money to Nike. What they do with it after purchase, Nike wouldn’t care. This whole Nike burning is still putting money into Nike’s coffers. I’m a little confused here. This pastor, and his flock, are protesting Nike because they signed an advertising deal with a football player that is protesting black people being killed? So, they are protesting a protestor who doesn’t want a group of people killed?


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Karen Atchison I applaud you for being AT your sons games. I see so many parents dropping their kids off and driving away. They return later ( sometimes not on time) to retrieve their child. So have that beer and enjoy that game!!! ( I know you were kidding about the solo cup). I like your style lady. Although these days a red Solo cup would bring unwanted attention. I’m filling a water bottle with coke & whiskey from now on. I felt sorry for the parents that had 2-3 kids playing all day at the fields, till one day one of them showed up on a Saturday with a motor home… and satellite TV… and a 1000 gal ice chest on wheels. My son and I would show up 4 hrs early to games on some days. his cracked me up. Reminded me of my son, about 4 at the time (about 18 years ago) during a soccer game, took his juice cup, went onto the middle of field, laid down on his back and said, “I’m tired. I’m done.” And he was. Never played soccer again (or any other sport). Call me miserable or no fun all you’d like. I’ve coached for many years and played sports for many before that and have seen parents come drunk or high to games and ruin the experience for the kids. I applaud any parent for going to the kids games, because mine didn’t and a lot of others don’t. That being said, it’s by no means acceptable or funny to talk about going to your kids game and drinking during it.

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Am I missing something here? Would love to be there. Have seen them so many times. My favorite band ever. Got to meet randy at there museum and he consented to having picture with me. I was so excited I balled like a baby. He is a marvelous man. Love them all. Wish I could be there it would be a great birthday present! Love Alabama. My husband was a true rock n roller until he met me; even went and checked out Alabama’s music before our first date so he could talk about them with me. Love him 30 years now.  I am a latecomer fan. I wasn’t even born yet when Alabama was at its ‘heyday,’ not that they aren’t amazing now too! Starting listening to you when I moved to Houston and I was able to listen to the country legends station. I was very lucky to see you perform last Y’all Alabama Crimson Tee in Sugar Land, TX. I Am A Longtime “ALABAMA” Fan..Was Lucky enough to See Them in Concert Many, Many Times. Would LOVE to be Able to See Them in Nashville..Where They Truly Belong!!!

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